Northside Linedancers

Linedancing information


Carl at Fort Worth Texas 2016

Ph:  9489 2367 or 0424 536 907     

Some of the dances we have been doing are

Easy Beginners & Improvers 2016 -17

Playing Every Honky Tonk,  Lonely Drum,  Eyes For You,  Back Together,  A Little Bit Lit,  Barcelona,  Out Of Your Mind,  Countryholic,   Hillbilly Fever,  Have A Good Time,  Nickajack,  Kiki Swing, Blue Ain't Your Colour,   Rose From The Sea,  Yearning,   Beyond The Sea,  Judge Not,   A Beautiful Sunday,  Capuccuina,   Early in the Morning,   Country Girl,  Champagne Promise,   Well Do Ya,  Rock & Roll Music,   Never Bring Me Down,   A Little Oops Baby,  Lay Low,   Turned On,  Have a Good Time,  Am Little Bit Lit,  Early In The Morning,  Never Bring Me Down,  Lay Low,  Going Up The Country,  Eyes For You,   Got a Hole in my Pocket,  I've Got Mexico,  Paint The Town,  Mind You Own Business,  Silver Wings,  Beginners Waltz (1 Restart), 

Tribute to the Jersey Boys (Sherry)


Texas Moon,  That's Important To Me,  11-59,  I Got This (easy),  Hunt You Down,  I Got This (Easy),  I Got Mexico,  Love Stuff,   Paddy's Choir

Love Completely,  Mind Your Own Business,  Lovin You Is Fun,  I Just Wanna Dance,  Felling Good,  The Groove ,  Double Down 2 step,  Sacrifice,

Alice,  Paradise,  Havanna Cha, Hey Good Lookin',

Stick Like Glue

Never Loved Before

Little Miss Haley Jo

Marry For Money

Intermediate 2016 -17

Just Give,  One Girl Can Change The World,  Obsessed,  Every Time She Walks By,  Life's About Joy,  Fais Do Do,  East To West 17,   Country Boy,  All God's Children,  Beautiful Drug,  Before I Dive,  Melodia,  Missing (Scotland),  Love Junk,  Pink Champagne, Dance With Somebody,  Blue Ain't Your Colour,  Rose From The Sea, Obsessed,  Fais Do Do,  All God's Children,  Before I Dive,  Dear Friend,  Love's Just A Feeling,  Tonight,  I Woke Up,  Keep Falling in Love,  3 Amigos,  I Came tt Love You,  Southern Thing,  Darling Blue Ain't Your Colour,  Deep River,  Hold Me Now,  Carribean Feeling (Scotland),  Until September,  Dance With Somebody,  Highway 40 Blues,  Just In Case,  Temptation,  Time To Surrender,  Dance Her Home, 

Ain't Got Nobody,  It Ain't My Fault,  That's My Church


I Got This,  Hip To Be Square,  The Greatest Showman,  Paddy's Choir,  Lovin you Is Fun,  Sun & Sea Cha Cha,  Dance Her Home,  All You Gotta Do

I Got This (harder),  That's Important To Me,  Redneckin',  Lovin Him Was Easy,  Sun & Sea Cha cha,  Feeling Good,  Dancin',  Hunt You Down

Celtic Duo,  Paddy's Choir,  Double Down 2 Step,  Til I'm Done,  Sugar,  See Ya Cecilia,  Paradise, Sitting On Top of The World,  Keep On Rollin', Danza Loca

All Things

Coffey Road

Dream Lover

Stick Like Glue

Tucson Too Soon

I'll Be There

Do The Locomotion

On A Roll