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Ph:  9489 2367 or 0424 536 907     

Tucson County

is a 3-4 piece band playing Country, Pop and Rock & Roll Music.  We are available for hire for your next function.  Call Carl

My new dances.  For dance description & youtube visit Aussie Dance or Copperknob


Mexico, Tequila & Me, When God Paints,  Stay out of my Arms, Jim, Jack & Hank, Diana, Under My Skin,  Rum Is The Reason, Leave The Light On, Summer Holiday, Train To New Orleans, You Never Know, Some Things Never Change,  Make Me Sway, Get Some, Route 66, Crazy, No More Lonely, Swing City, Stars & Strait, Everybody Thinks I'm Lonely, Unanswered Prayers, Drag Me Down,  How You Live, Good Advice, What If I Fall.


 My Eyes Adored You,  Barcelona, Oh What A Night, Besame Mucho,  Run To Him,  Memories To Burn, Yearning,  Dance With Somebody, Two Stepping Texas Blue, Life's About Joy

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 is on
 8th September 2017

Asquith Bowling Club    8:00pm
Purchase a $5.00 drink voucher & exchange it for a drink

Dances taught in 2017

Back Together,  What If I Fall,  Back To Being Me,  Discoteque,  Tightrope,  I Met a Girl (revision),  Rebound,  Hold Me Now,  Revision of many dances from 2016,  Baby Lay Down & Dance,  My Eyes Adored You,  Walk In The Country, A Beautiful Sunday,  Broken,  Holy Days,  If That's What You Want
Baby Lock The Door,  Would You Go With Me,  Gotta A Brand New Girlfriend,  Capuccina,  Missing (Scotland),  Darling Stand By Me,  Green Door,  Never Bring Me Down,  Before I Dive,  Little Oops,  Southern Thing,  Barcelona,  Tangled in the Tassle,  Flying Solo,  Rock and Roll Music,  Ride With Me,  Oh What A Night,  Besame Mucho, Country As A Boy Can Be,  True Believer,  Lady Cowboy,  Kiki Swing,  What If I Stay,  No Where To Go,  Just A Hunk,  Deja Vu,  Stay All Night,  Keep It in The Middle Of The Road,  Memories To Burn, Make You Believe,  She Loves My Willie,  Keep Falling In Love,  Love's Gonna Win,  Love's Just a Feeling,  Don't Make Me Suffer (Revised),  Move A Like (Revised),  Yearning,  Dance With Somebody

Champagne Promise
Two Steppin' Texas Blue
Lonely Drum
Why Why Why
Wrangler Butts
3 Amigos
East To West 17
Every Time She Walks By
Hillbilly Fever
Countryholic (S Pistoia)
A Little Bit Lit (R Fowler)
Carribean Feeling (A Watson)
Dear Friend  (K Sala)
All God's Children (Y Anderson)
Life's About Joy (Carl)
I Woke Up (Kristen)
Quiero Bailar
It's Alright (revision)
Let's Go Girls (revision)

Dances taught in 2016

Leave The Light On,  Stay Out Of My Arms,  Mexico Tequila & Me,  Rum Is The Reason,   Jim  Jack & Hank,  Diana, Summer Holiday,  When God Paints, You Never Know,  Don't Make Me Suffer,   Sinatra & Chardonnay,   Loving You Tonight,  Shipwrecked,   Fire & Flood,   Tin Man,   At The Disco, Sunny Side Of The Street,  Train To New Orleans,   Love Really Hurts Without You,  Emergency,   Tall Tales,   Somethings Never Change,  Hold On, Pink Champagne,  Here We Go, Make Me Sway, Everybody's Got Somebody But Me, Burning Bridges, Better When I'm Dancing (Julia),  Jamaica Farewell,  Slip Away,  Run Back To Me,  Hit The Base, Holding on to Yesterday (revision),  Come Out Tonight,  Get Some,  I See Me,  S.T. One,  Route 66,  Dancing Kizomba,  Senorita Tu,  Crazy,  Solo Amor,   Friends,  Lay Low,  Raise Em Up, Swing City,   No More Lonely,   Lucky Me,  Sexy Lady,  Luckenbach Texas,  Runaway Train,  Dance Like Your Daddy,  Judge Not,  Coconut Tree,  Stars & Strait,  Driving With The Brakes On,  Turned On,  Crazy Life,  Left in The Dark,  Teenage Dreamin,  A Woman's Love,  Sofia,  Catch & Release,  Everybody Thinks I'm Lonely,  Baby Come On,  My Gypsy Queen,  Agua y etc,  Amame (revised with restart after Inst),  Unanswered Prayers,  Well Do Ya,  Love Junk,  Drag Me Down,  Perfect,  Suite 16,  Break On Me,  I Came To Love You,  All I Ask You  How You Live,  Take Good Care Of My Baby,  Calm Me Down,  I Met A Girl,  Skip The Line,  Good Advice,  Deesco, Start Living,  Blue Ain 't Your Color also Darling Blue....,  Somewhere in my Car,  Wrangler Butts,  God's Been Good,  Clap Clap Clap

Movie Review

"Atomic Blonde"  Well this was a female (Charlize Thuron) version of James Bond or A Liam Neeson female copy.  She could fight, kill, fall out of buildings, shoot etc.  Ah yeah there was a lesbian attachment and plenty of action with another female. There was double crossing in it and in my opinon not very believable.  I guess the director thought that women were taking over the world, TV stations, Modelling, CEOs etc etc, so why not have a female Liam Neeson. 

This was the last movie for the Wolverine unless he comes back from the dead.  The fight scenes were extraordinary.  Hugh (Logan) killed people by pushing those sword type blades through people's heads, necks, arms, chest etc.  The story was interesting enough but the fight scenes would make you groan or even turn you head away.  I'm glad I saw it because I'd never scene a wolverine movie before.

"Patriot's Day"  This movie was about the Boston Marathon Bombings.  It showed how the perpetrators were found and within 80 hours one was shot dead and the other one was captured. The movie showed how the FBI and police worked together to find the bombers.

"Allied"  This was an interesting movie.  t was a love story with Brad Pitt a Canadian Pilot Officer and a french girl who was a double agent but was pro Germany. They worked together to kill some German Officers and later got married. They actually are in love and have a daughter.  The twist at the end is whether she still is pro Germany or not.  A good movie.

"La La Land" Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone do a song and dance and become romantically involved with their individual talents of playing Jazz & Acting respectively.

"The Founder" This is the story of how McDonalds started. It was actually started by two brothers who developed the fast assembly of the hamburger.  Then a salesman teamed up with them and franchised the idea.  He went on to develop an empire of stores which made him very wealthy and then he shafted the two brothers and drove them out of business.  After the movie I thought about not eating at another Maccas again.  But Maccas does offer a fast food outlet that attracts many walks of life.

"Hacksaw Ridge" This movie has been in the making for more than 10 years.  But Mel Gibson started directing it in Australia in 2015. The battle scene on top of Hacksaw Ridge is like being in it.  It is so real.  Mel Gibson also directed the Passion Of Christ and in both movies Mel is able to show the pain and suffering that the actors portray.  As I said the battle scene was horrific and I sat there thinking how did he do it.  The movie itself is very enjoyable in a strange way. There is ridicule, joy, humour, bravery, love, honor and belief in God.  The story is based on a real event where a 7 day Adventist from the USA joined the army as a conscientious objector who would not bear arms but became a Medic and in the end saved 75 lives.  He won the highest bravery award in the army.  At the end of the movie you see the real character when he was in his 80s.  He died at 86 in mid 2000. After see that movie you wonder why anyone would send young men into battle. 

"The Magnificent Seven" Did you grow up watching western movies on a Saturday morning.  Did you ever have a set of silver guns and holster.  I did. Well this movie will take you back.  The stunt men were fabulous and the camera work was fantastic.  Hundreds of people get shot and fell off their horses.  It was what a western movie should be.  Good wins over evil.  Although I must say that the "goodie" - Denzel Washington - was dressed in black.  When I grew up watching western movies the "goodie" dressed in cream or white.  It must be the 2016 slant of things. 

   "Sully"  A very good and interesting movie about the flight that came down in the Hudson River NY.  Good acting, great story and Clint Eastwood directed another exciting movie.  It showed how the captain of the plane had to defend himself against the aeronautical organization.  Tom Hanks played a convincing role to make the movie believable and real

   "Spin Out"  An Aussie movie. Very Ockerish.  People walked out of this movie because not much was happening. Good acting but weak story

"Jason Bourne" Well, what can't he do?.  He is an expert in computers, driving, riding bikes, fighting, acrobatics, cell phones, surveillance and out smarting the opposition.  I think there were more than 20 people killed and and more than 50 cars smashed up.  And wait, there's more. He wasn't caught so he probably will be back in the near future. His last "Bourne " movie was made 10 years ago, so now the actor is in his mid forties and may have to slow down some.  Although Liam Neeson who is another action packed actor has made action movies well into his fifties. The plot was simple.  The agency wanted him dead and he wanted to find those who killed his father.  Lots of action and not a lot in the story line but a few twists in the plot made my Friday night more interesting than watching some boring show on TV.

  "Tarzan"  Not like the original Johnny Weismuller version.  The reviews in the paper are right.  Not such a good movie. Tarzan who lives in England is very wealthy land owner (it's in the family).  He decides to go back to the jungle to try and stop slaves being taken from their homeland.  He spends half the movie with his shirt off but his long trousers on.  So girls you just get to see his torso.  Jane however is fully dressed the whole movie. The best scenes are with the apes.

  "Central Intelligence"  This is a comedy with the 'Rock' in know the muscle guy. Actually his acting is very good in this movie.  HIs co-star is also very good with facial expressions, voices and actions.  It's about crooks stealing the plans for a satellite.  There re people undercover and for  the most part you do not know who is CIA and who are the crooks.  But it's funny and lots of action

"You Before Me" - New lead Actress.  Lots of facial expressions, wacky clothes and shoes but acted the part well.  A sort of love story between her and a quadriplegic and in the end she lands on her feet. Some sappy parts in it.

"The Nice Guys" - starring Russel Crowe & Ryan Gosling.  A long movie about a couple of detectives trying to solves cases.  In parts in reminded me of Laurel & Hardy.  It was a new comedic role for Russel Crowe and he played the role well.  Also, Ryan Gosling who normally plays the 'boyfriend" type character, plays a clumsy detective.  It had no real highlights but a little entertaining

  "Gods Of Egypt"-Wow! if you like anything Egyptian or Visual Effects then you will like this movie.  I think it was made in England because lots of the actors had an English accent and to me were unknown. I don't understand why they included two aged Aussie actors in the film.  In my opinion some movies are much better and more believable when the actors or unknown.  The movie has two themes.  One where brother fights brother for power over    Egypt and the other theme is a love theme.  The computerised imagery and visual effects are fantastic.  The story holds your attention and I found it to be an exciting movie with a good ending.

"Spotlight" - Well if you went to a Catholic school or a Catholic church this movie will get to you.  It's about discovering there were approximately 600 priests in Boston USA who abused children. The movie will play with your emotions and you may have feelings of disgust to feelings of anger against the church.  The worst thing is the cover up from the hierarchy above.  I believe the highest man in charge of The Catholic Church knew about it because each victim was being paid off to shut up and this type of payment didn't go through the courts. At the end of the movie it showed how prolific this type of abuse was in the world.  Australia and NZ were included.  If you are Catholic you need to see this movie and then you may change your mind about the choice of religion you want to pursue.

"London Has Fallen" - This movie is current to the terrorism that is going on in the world. The movie is exaggerated in that the main story is that the leaders of most of the Western world get assassinated by terrorists. I will let you work out who the terrorists are.  The last man standing is the President of USA and the terrorists idea is to behead him on national TV and internet.  There are hundreds of deaths (shootings) of terrorists, body guards, police, civilians etc. The movie is a very confronting story because there is a certain amount of truth in it on a smaller scale in our world today compared to the movies plot. Terrorism has dominated the world for the past 10 years and is getting bigger and worse.  It seems to be a war concerning religions (faith).  On one hand we have a Western Christian world and on the other hand we have a Middle Eastern non Christian world. The war is not out in the open like previous wars but rather one that uses internet, satellites, mobile phones and eventually bombs and guns.  It makes world travel scary and also the safety of your own country is jeopardised.

 "Eye in the Sky" - This movie was very good.  It is about all the types of CCTV that are used in warfare.  It is the use of satellites and sophisticated cameras to hone in on various sites that are to be bombed.  The movie is about a combined effort of UK & USA soldiers to bomb terrorists in a middle east country.  It's about the decisions that several people have to make before the trigger is pulled.  No one wants to make that decision.  It even goes to the Prime Minister who refers  it back to someone else.  The movie is very current and gives you an inside look at what happens when a target gets bombed.  Great movie.

"Father & Daughter" - starring Russell Crowe.  A feel good movie showing the devotion of a father to his daughter

Dances Taught  in  2015

...Just Dancing in the Dark,  Flip on the Light,  London Rhythm Swings, Run Away With You,  Bright Side,  Turn The Beat Around, Easy Geronimo,  Gin & Tonic,  Cha Cha Fever 2,  Barefootin',  Cupid Shuffle,  Fallin' In Love,  Cecilia,  Rocket To The Sun,  One Day Closer, Coffee Time Samba,  Blood, Sweat & Beer,  Boots On,  Tick Tock Two, Easy Kinda Love Thing, Homegrown,  Rock Tonight,  Alive and Well In Tennessee,  Sing,  Travelling Man,  Teacher's Pet,  The Voice,  Heidi,  To Be Loved By You,  I Want Crazy, Two Timing Man,  Tears Of Joy,  Dear New Husband,  I Don't Dance,  New Shade Of Blue,  Tuxedo,  Something,  Ex's & Oh's, Out On The Farm,  Win, Loose or Draw,  That's When I Knew, Breathlessly,  Super Cha,  Heartaches & Honkytonks (Carl), Dancing in Sync,  Shots,  Lose You,  Spellbound,  Fond Memories, Making Me Feel,  Piano Man,  Gimme That Title,  Alvaro,  Tell Him, Swing Time Boogie, Darling Hold My Hand, Raindrops, Shut Up and Dance!!!, Hot Wheels, Love Sweet Love, Do What You D,  Sometimes, That's When I Knew, Slam Goes The Door, Down At The Station, Walk On (revision), I Said I Do, Two Of A Kind, Lifetime Love,  It's High Time, The Lucky Ones,  Choka Choka,  Bad Habits,  Stay Out Of My Arms,  When God Paints,   Mexico, Tequila & Me, Stuck In The Middle,  Revised: Free, When You Walked In,  Completely,  Red Dirt Road,  Boots On,  Diana,  Jim, Jack & Hank, Baby I'm Right,  South Australia,  A Real Good Time,  4Ever Road,  Under My Skin,  No Rights No Wrongs, Rum Is The Reason, September (earth, wind & fire), Starting Tonight, Undo the Right  , Cowboys and Crooks, Cowboys & Clowns, Hidalgo Boogie, Easy version of: Honey I'm Good, Sirens, Quiero, Loving You Tonight

Dances taught in 2014

 Term 1

The Blarney Roses,  When I Need You,  July Saturday Night,  When Love Comes Around,  My Daddy's Name,  This Is Me,  Kick Up Your Heels,  Down In The Islands,  Gotta Holda Me,  Is This The Way To (Amarillo),  No Man's Land,  This Is Me,  The Night Is Young,  When I Need You,  Just How Happy I Am,  We Are Tonight,  I Need You Now,  Dream Lover,  Cupid Shuffle,  Elvira,  Gypsy Lady,  Borrow My Heart, Waltz For Megan,  Counting Stars (easy & hard),  Perhaps,  Let's Go Crazy,  Finder's Keepers,  Tulsa Weave,  Faultline,  Blame The Boogie,   Roma,  Deep River,  2001,  Popcorn,  Swept Away,  Here' Your Song, Meisie Meisie,  It's Only Natural,  Fly High,  Can We dance,  All I Ever Wanted,  My Everything,  Baby Kisses,   Dirt Road Kid,  Line Dance of China

 Term 2

Let There Be Love,  Love Is Easy,  Buffalo Stampede,  Would Ya,  My Facebook Song,  Angels and Acrobats,  Geronimo,  Free,  Everybody Loves a Lover,  Light Of The Moon,  All I Can Say,   Annies Geronimo,  Buffalo Stampede, Stampede,  Cowboy Rhythm, Tulsa,  Tahoe Kick,  Better To Love,  Time To Shake,  Alcazar,  Brass-A-Billy Boogie, Truck Stop Honey, Shotgun Mambo,  Somewhere In My Car,   Burn It Baby,  I Got It Easy, 

Term 3

 Heat Wave,  Masquerade,  Piano Man,  Like A Wildfire,  Drink Drink Drink,  Turn Out The Lights,  Stitch It Up,  A Little More,  Your Tattoo,  Like a Tiger,  Do It, Try,  Hey O,   Sail Away,  C'mon Everybody,  Bright Sunny Day,  Keep Them Kisses Comin',  Timber,  I Could Not Ask For More,  My Pledge,  Pretty Blue Eyes,  Dance For-ever (more),  Caught in the Moonlight,  You're On My List,  Go Cat Go,  I'm Already Gone,  Good Time Girls,  Frankie Please,  All About That Bass,  Never Gonna Look Back,  Such A Fool,  Overrated

4th Term

Over The Rainbow Swing,  Cha Cha for All,  September in the Rain,  Sitting on The Fence,  Crazy Little Woman,  Sailor Dance,  Something To Talk About,  Wonder Train,  A Little Rock and Roll,  Barefootin',  Stay With Me,  Cowgirl's Twist,  Down To The River,  It's Not Unusual,  Champagne on Ice (rev),  Once Upon A December,  Is It Friday Yet,  Geronimo Easy,  Cactus Flower,  Cha Cha Fever 2,  Wild Card,  Those Were The Days,  Fall In Love,  Should I Lie,  Rockin Around The Christmas Tree,

Dances taught in 2013

Term 1

Glory Of Love, Trouble Maker, Just Thinking Of You, Now Or Never,  Everything Changes, Sing Sing Sing, Reflection, Nuovo Mambo, There Will Be Love, Beautiful Sunday, Rocket To The Sun, Cry, Loch Lomond, Lake Lomond, Can You Stand It, This Womans's Heart, Love Perfect, Heavens Question, Baby We're Really In Love, 13 mwz, Dance Again, Days Like This, An Irish Waltz, Choo Choo Cha Boogie

Term 2

 Blue Collar Palace, Outta Control, City Boy Waltz, Just Give, Lost, Fill In The Blank, Let Me Go, Highway Blues, Let Me Go, Another Love Like Mine, My Baby's Back, Sweet Surrender, When I Was Your Man, No Regrets, Baby Don't Rush, Mexi - Fest, Wagon Wheel Wok, What Do You Know About Love, Rock Me Mama, West Texas Waltz (rev), Don't Fence Me In, A Touch Of Rumba, Write This Letter, Somebody (rev), Be Mine, Caveman Mambo

Term 3 

Be My Baby, Chooka Choo Choo, Papa Loves Mambo, Treat Me Right, One Of These Days, Echo, Cool Cat, One Phone Call, Believe In Me, Little Bit Of Everything, Moonlight Kiss, East To West, Fairytale, Mixed Emotions, Coupe De Ville, Big Country Sky, My Spanish Love, Naughty Boy, Shame & Scandal in the Family, Blue Finger Jive, The Lucky One, 360, What Do You Know, Raise 'Em Up, Tomorrow's Rain, High Time, In A Moment, Brand New Girlfirend, Never Loved Before, Flat Nail Joe, Silver Lining, I Need A Senorita, Hard Workin' Man, Dixie, Let Me Be There, The Countdown, Jump On A Ride, Better Times, Bella's Cha Cha, Had To Be You, Margharita, Something I Need, Springsteen, My Daddy's Name